Reflexion on an ongoing project about palaces built by Roma in Romania.
MA Design, Communication, ZHdK

Lea Rudolph – Dauerausstellungen in Kunstgewerbemuseen


Design of the thesis publication for Lea Rudolph at ZHdK.
Typeface “Rima” by Simon Mager.

L’OFFICIEL Schweiz/Suisse – Redesign


Redesign and art direction of the monthly fashion magazine L’OFFICIEL Schweiz/Suisse.

Client: Editions Jalou CH


Alexander Teich – Design for Reflection


MA-Thesis publication on digital rituals by Alexander Teich, ZHdK.
Cover Typeface “Vitro” by Simon Mager.


Laufen Ceramic – Magazine Inlet


Realized as a freelance graphic designer, for Raffinerie AG with Reto Ehrbar and Helen Pombo.




Ongoing blog on the loss of control over creation and the means of effortless expression.
Initially started with Kristoffer Li

2012 – ongoing

Alles in Fluß – Maximilian Michaelis


Thesis publication, HfG Pforzheim.

Jury mention at Stiftung Buchkunst Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung, 2014.



Future Europe


Future Europe is a compilation of ideas and perspectives on the future of Europes living environments. In a dynamic understanding of the term Europe as an ever-changing idea, lies a chance, a space and a moment for reinterpreting it’s future. The project attempts to enrich the debate about the future of Europe which currently appears to be dominated foremost by economical issues. The creative practices inherit such a counterbalancing power as they draft, explore, play and prototype. They have not only the potential but probably even the duty to intervene, to communicate aims and provide alternatives and to publicly question the current state. The contributions to this project are coming mostly from students and young professionals and express a multitude of views on how a Europe of the future can be envisioned. By publishing this body of work, the project aims to be a tool for discourse.

Next to this publication, the project consists of a concept for a touring exhibition, a website and a compiling table realised for the graduation show.
Mentoring by Prof. Alice Chi and Prof. Matthias Siegert.
Contribution to 26th Intl. Biennial of Graphic Design, Brno, CZ.
For further reading, see the following essay.



A Collaborative Challenge


A scenario on the relationship between the client Claire Vanderhulst, and you, the reader, slipping into the role of her designer.
Half autobiographic, half idealistic, it’s a summary of the yet learned lessons on collaborative working with clients.

Next to Kai Bernau’s Lyon, the publication is set in my custom alteration RS Claire Medium.
In showcasing formality but also personal character, RS Claire attempts to pick up the role-based relationship of collaborations.

Mentoring Nicole Udry
ECAL, University of Art and Design Lausanne, CH


Planstadt Eisenhüttenstadt – “Ich habe mich nie eingeengt gefühlt”


Eisenhuettenstadt is GDR’s first planned city, located in East-Germany near Frankfurt Oder.
In the early 1950’s, this new city was built near an iron-hut to supply housing for up to 55.000 people.

While other planned cities were mostly build with readymade “Plattenbau”-segments, Eisenhüttenstadt’s city structure is more crafted and differentiated. It appears almost like a condensation in fixed-matter of the GDR’s vision for the life in idealism of the new socialistic man, as the GDR used to nurture it in the 50’s. The citizens often used to identify themselves with this, until the fall of the berlin wall in 1989. After crucial political and economical changes, Eisenhüttenstadt is nowadays confronted with completely other circumstances, way of lifes and ideologies.

The publication and exhibition “Planstadt Eisenhüttenstadt” is meant as an possibility for an recognising and understandable approach to this field of tension. As authors we wanted to document the present status quo of Eisenhüttenstadt, cross the axes of the planned city, walk on it’s borders, and collect experiences of the citizens for an deeper, self reflected discourse on the relation of man and architecture on this particular place.

In collaboration with Tobias Keinath
Co-author Ben Kaden
Fotographic Assistance by Marija Heinecke
Mentoring by Markus Artur Fuchs &
Prof. Matthias Siegert

SUPER GROTESK HÜTTE – type family alteration in 3 weights, courtesy of FontFont Intl.