Zeitmaschine / Time Machine

A series of works on time travel.

In collaboration with Philip Hoch, student at the HGB Leipzig.

Featuring submissions from:
Matthes Bärwinkel
Max Winter
Stefanie Rau
Lucas Mehling
Amelie Goeppel
Martin Kühn
Pauline Zorbach

Each letter of the headline represents a font in the history of typography, decreasing chronologically. The „e” at the end of the word „Zeitmaschine” is set in hieroglyphic inscription. To enforce the idea of time travel, the zine is printed on various vintage papers (some originating from Stasi-offices, an old printing shop in Leipzig or dot matrix-paper).

The Zine was exhibited 2011 at „I've zine the darkness” in Halle.

Volume: 24 pages
Edition: 45
Font: Times and others